Our journey through time

Our journey through time takes us back two centuries to the slow rhythms of peasant life in Partinico, a small village in the province of Palermo.
In the family lands, extending into the gardens of the Conca d’Oro, the lush citrus grove area of Western Sicily, our great-grandfather Francesco began to commercialize the cultivated products.

U’ Limonio was grandma’s secret recipe.

Sicilian family story

Casa Limonio

Thus begins a Sicilian family story, a strong bond with the territory, and entrepreneurial vision.
It was the enterprise of our grandfather Vincenzo that led to the expansion of family activities into successful investments. We became suppliers to the armed forces during wars, for the antiseptic properties of lemons and for the ability of our fruits to maintain freshness and integrity for a long time; we also began to extract essential oils for pharmaceutical companies, before the advent of chemistry.

Today, as then, we cultivate our lands with all the love that has been passed down to us, respecting the principles of organic agriculture, producing mulberries, prickly pears, olives, grapes, and the finest citrus fruits of Sicily, which we market and export abroad and in Italy.

An important moment in our history came in 1992, when we siblings, Vincenzo, Rita, Giusy, and Valeria, decided to produce our grandmother’s ancient Limonio, which became the first limoncello produced and marketed in Sicily.

U’ Limonio was a home liqueur, a secret recipe handed down by the women of the family, who have always played a central role in entrepreneurial activities. Grandma prepared it with the finest lemons from our garden and offered it to the laborers as refreshment. Its preparation was a ritual around which love for our land spread.